Data Virtualization Benefits to Data Architects and Developers

Data virtualization is modern data integration that combines the benefits of real-time integration with agility to access and integrate disparate sources with ease.  Data services can be discovered and consumed freeing up developers to focus on logic, analytics, and user experience. Further by providing an abstraction between sources and applications, it allows developers to evolve both independently.

  • Allows you to learn, hone and implement modern data integration.
  • Simply a faster, easier, more agile, and enjoyable data integration experience.
  • Broader ways to deliver value out of your work. Data services that can deliver business value in operational, analytical, cloud / social, mobile and enterprise environments without boundaries.

The following examples show how data virtualization enables developers to access any data including web sources, enable application and process integration through data services, and buffer the migration and modernization of new BI and operational applications.

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