Data Virtualization Benefits to CDO and Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise and Data Architecture professionals must deliver agile data services hiding the complexity of a myriad new data sources to proactively enable the business to pursue new business opportunities and advanced analytics both inside the enterprise and in the cloud. Data virtualization is an important data management tool to deliver abstracted, integrated, secure and scalable data services at lower cost.

  • A unified virtual layer that abstracts underlying source complexity and presents disparate data as if from a single source .
  • Show better returns on data assets (RODA) - huge investments in big data and integration infrastructure with only a small percentage being put to use will become history.
  • Agile data provisioning to generate business value internal and externally - by increasing ‘shareability’ of a data resource across multiple data users and use cases.

Some examples of how data virtualization helps deliver better data services and data management capabilities include self-service data discovery and exploration, hybrid virtual master data, logical data warehouse, and more.

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