Denodo Platform 8.0

Accelerate your journey to a Logical Data Fabric with Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform is the industry’s only data integration and management platform that offers all the capabilities necessary to build a logical data fabric. Powered by data virtualization, it provides a common semantics layer to expose data more quickly to business, a dynamic data catalog for semantic search and enterprise-wide data governance, industry leading query acceleration supported by machine learning, automated infrastructure management for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios, and embedded data preparation capabilities for self-service analytics, faster time-to-insight, better privacy and compliance, greater automation of data management processes, and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Denodo Platform Subscriptions and Features At-A-Glance

In addition to the full featured Denodo Enterprise, Denodo also offers a new, lower cost option for simpler environments, called Denodo Professional. Denodo Professional leverages the same high performance, modern data virtualization technology and no-code/low-code web-based design studio to speed time-to-insight and accelerate data services.

Comparison Table Overview

Features Denodo Professional
Starting at $6.27/hour
Denodo Standard
Starting at $10.63/hour
Denodo Enterprise
Starting at $15/hour
Denodo Enterprise Plus
Starting at $21.26/hour
Pay-as-you-go (hourly) or annual subscription
Number of data sources Up to 5 data sources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Development* and Solution Manager** Instances 1 1 1 1
Performance Optimizations
+ Smart Query Acceleration + MPP

+ Smart Query Acceleration + MPP
Security - RBAC, Authentication mechanism (LDAP, AD, Kerberos, SSO), Authorization, Encryption, Masking, and More
Data lineage
Denodo Notebook (Apache Zeppelin-based) for Data Science
Version Control
Data Catalog
Advanced Diagnostics
AI based Data Discovery and
Summary Recommendation
Collaboration Semantics - Endorsements, warnings and deprecation
Tag based policies
*Only available with an annual subscription
**Available on request

Denodo Platform Features

The Denodo Platform offers the right blend of capabilities for all projects, from small departmental projects all the way up to enterprise-wide digital transformation projects.

The Denodo Platform provides…

a complete abstraction layer across all enterprise assets, creating a single pane of glass from which to access any dataset, without the need to copy or replicate any data. See how this abstraction capability helps in accelerating cloud migrations and architecture modernization.

semantic modeling capabilities, including easy-to-use wizards, data lineage capture, and change detection and impact analysis. Watch this panel discussion to learn how to democratize reporting tools with a unified semantic layer.

an exceptional user experience, targeting the special needs of multiple personas, from business to IT, with a completely redesigned web-based user interface. Learn how to model and create data services with Denodo Design Studio.

AI-enabled smart query acceleration for complex analytical scenarios, including aggregate awareness and MPP execution. Watch this webinar on how to accelerate performance with summaries, recommendations, MPP capabilities, and more.

seamless security and governance including advanced data masking and attribute-based access control (ABAC), available for all data assets in the organization, via a single point of control and administration. Watch this session to learn how to enable data self-service with security, governance, and regulatory compliance using Denodo Platform.

an integrated AI/ML enabled data catalog that provides interactive discovery features, collaboration capabilities, and personalized recommendations. Watch this presentation about how to automate data discovery with this AI/ML-enabled data catalog.

a modern data services layer that supports OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData 4, GraphQL, and other cloud standards, for easy interoperability with current cloud systems. The Denodo Platform also helps administrators to develop data services APIs in minutes, with zero code. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to execute queries using GraphQL inside the Denodo Platform.

automated infrastructure management for the cloud, with platform-as-a-service (PaaS) support for cloud and hybrid environments. Watch this webinar to learn how to scale multi-cloud deployments with the Denodo Platform.


The Economic Benefits of Data Virtualization and Logical Data Fabric

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