2022/04/28 - EMEA | April 28 | 10:00 am CEST | 9:00 am BST

How does a logical data fabric help with better business outcomes?

According to a recently published TEI report from Forrester, a logical data fabric can on an average increase business user productivity by 83%, reduce development resources by 67% and provide 65% faster access to data, compared to traditional data integration methods such as ETL.

Listen to our guest keynote speaker, Noel Yuhanna, VP and Research Analyst with Forrester, who will address the latest trends around data fabric and why data virtualization is key in building a enterprise wide logical data fabric, followed by a guest keynote by the CIO of City Furniture on how they deployed a logical data fabric for their data and analytics based rapid decision making to keep up with their fast paced growth and demand from their internal and external stakeholders alike.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are a business executive, line of business owner, architect, business analyst, data scientist, BI practitioner, developer, or any other data professional, Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit will offer you a fresh perspective on how to better utilize your enterprise data.

Why Attend?



Tap into rich insights, best practices, case studies and the latest trends from industry leaders and your peers.



Connect with your peers, industry leaders, and practitioners to expand your personal network and sphere of influence.



Advance your knowledge and that of your team to drive a deeper understanding of your data and its value.

What 2021 Attendees Liked about the Event

The open discussion of topics between the panelists and different perspectives.

Good caliber of speakers with great content at the keynotes.

Ability to ask questions interactively with the presenters.


Time (CEST) Sessions


10:00 AM
Welcome: Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit
10:05 AM
Analyst Keynote: Delivering Analytics at The Speed of Transactions with Data Fabric
10:25 AM
Customer Keynote: CITY Furniture: Building an Enterprise-Wide Logical Data Fabric at the Core of their Digital Transformation
10:45 AM
Partner Keynote: Best Practices for Cloud Migrations with Zero Disruption with AWS Marketplace
11:05 AM
Partner Keynote: Accenture: Accelerate Cloud Migrations and Architecture with Data Virtualization
11:25 AM
Denodo Keynote: How Guided Data Discovery Leads Users to Better Data Insights
11:45 AM
Experts Panel: Can You Really Democratize Your Data?


12:30 PM
Denodo: Delivering Faster insights with a logical data fabric
Newscast: The Role of the Data Mesh in Data Democratization
Fireside Chat: Governing Data Marketplaces with a Logical Data Fabric
1:00 PM
Panel: How Data Virtualization Helps You Reduce Your Data Replication Costs?
Presentation: Total Economic Impact of Data Virtualization using Denodo Platform
Presentation with Demo: Semantics in Enhancing Data Governance and Security
1:45 PM
Panel: The power of Denodo for data services/API management
Demystifying Datamesh and how Denodo takes you to the Next Step
Security at the Foundation of Data Democratization
Demokratisierung von Daten mit einem Data Mesh (Presentation in German)
Como o Sicredi implementou a Democratização de Dados utilizando a Plataforma Denodo (Presentation in Portuguese)
Mejora el Rendimiento y la Gobernanza de tus Datos con un Data Fabric Lógico (Presentation in Spanish)
Prendere decisioni più rapidamente e governare al meglio i dati grazie a un Logical Data Fabric


Demo: How Does the Denodo Platform Accelerate Your Time to Insights?
Démonstration: Comment la plateforme Denodo permet d'accélérer l'analyse de toutes vos données (Presentation in French)
Demostración: ¿Cómo acelera la plataforma Denodo su tiempo para obtener información? (Presentation in Spanish)
Demo: Wie beschleunigt die Denodo Plattform Ihre Zeit der Erkenntnisgewinnung? (Presentation in German)
Demo: Come Denodo Data Platform Accelera il passaggio dal Dato all’Informazione? (Presentation in Italian)

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