BARC Research Study: Data Black Holes

Are Data Silos Undermining Digital Transformation?

Jacqueline Bloemen
Jacqueline Bloemen Senior Analyst BARC
Timm Grosser
Timm Grosser Senior Analyst Data Management, BARC

The existence of data silos is nothing new. Data-producing applications were once isolated systems. They were built to at least partially automate a specific subtask of a business process. Today, data-based insights are being used to automate decisions. The goal is to make business processes faster, more efficient and less vulnerable to risk. Analytics-driven insights are also expected to drive business innovation.

This new BARC study evaluates current thinking around data silos and addresses several relevant questions, including:

  • What are the implications of data silos for the data-driven enterprise?
  • What are the main challenges companies are facing due to data silos?
  • Which approaches are being adopted to break down the barriers of these data and knowledge silos?

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