BARC Topical Survey: The Future of Data Architecture

Has the data warehouse had its day?

Data architecture is a topic that is as relevant today as ever. It is widely regarded as a matter for data engineers, not business domain experts. But is it really? Many consider the data warehouse a “black box”. Therefore, it is not clear why this costly and apparently flexibility-inhibiting data warehouse is needed at all.

A new BARC survey examined the current architecture approaches of companies of different sizes from various industries, which provided insights on how “best-in-class” companies are shaping their data architecture in comparison to “laggards”.

The survey results show that the opinions of different roles in the organization differ considerably. So, the question arises: Should future data architecture be determined more centrally from the perspective of data engineers or more decentrally from the perspective of domain experts? Or is a federated approach the best way forward?

Read the report to obtain further insights and results’ analysts, and find the right solution for the future design of your data landscape.

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