Enabling a Customer Data Platform Using Data Virtualization

Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson Independent Analyst Intelligent Business Strategies

Companies are focusing on their online business more than ever before, which means they are investing heavily in digital transformation. This includes a focus on “The Customer”, their needs and insights. Customers have a choice, switching is easy and customer loyalty is cheap, this makes it even more important to know your customer and deliver to their requirements.

Download this whitepaper to find out:

  • How customer interaction is evolving in a digital world
  • How successful enterprises manage and access their customer intelligence using data virtualization
  • Why data virtualization gives organizations a competitive edge by helping enterprises better manage their digital marketing spend
  • What the role of data virtualization is in a customer oriented logical data warehouse and omni-channel customer segmentation
  • And finally, how a customer oriented logical data warehouse can be used to make a better more personal customer experience using more optimized attributes in your recommendation engine(s)

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