State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises

The State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises is based on survey results from 100 Canadian enterprises. The survey identifies the top challenges facing data-focused executives and explores how they are working to overcome those challenges to enable better business performance and agility in 2022.

The survey focuses on three core themes:

  1. Data Management and Cloud Transformation - Many businesses see migrating data and analytics ecosystems to the cloud as a solution to the challenges that come with data silos. But modernizing an enterprise’s data architecture in the cloud is a huge undertaking, and, often, the data silo problem remains, only now within a pure cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. This research will explore the data management challenges relating to cloud data governance, regulatory compliance, and analytics performance that executives are facing as they implement their cloud migration strategies.
  2. Monolithic vs Distributed Data Management - During the era of ‘big data’, organizations tended to favor storing all their data in a single enterprise-wide data store. Today, many organizations are transitioning to distributed data management architectures based on domain-oriented platforms and data virtualization technologies. The research benchmarks the data management approaches enterprises in Canada are taking today, as well as evaluate the relative pros and cons of each approach.
  3. Enabling Business Agility - Modern businesses increasingly leverage a wide variety of data sources to optimize decision-making processes. Respondents to the survey will share how effectively their data management infrastructure enables business agility, and to what extent their ability to integrate disparate data sources affects their ability to generate insights for decision-makers at speed.

The State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises report was written and produced by Corinium Global Intelligence.

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