The State of Federal Data Strategy Survey

The Federal Data Strategy poses a challenge to federal agencies as they attempt to better maintain and leverage their data. So how are these organizations fairing with implementation?

In 2022, Government Executive, in partnership with Denodo, fielded a blind survey to see what progress and challenges government agencies are facing in rolling out initiatives in support of the Federal Data Strategy. Are U.S. agencies able to meet the scope of FDS guidelines? How likely are organizations to meet predicted timelines? What are the biggest challenges they face in implementation?  GBC will help answer these questions and more.

Download this GovExec Survey Report to learn more about:

  • What are Agencies most concerned about during this process
  • What are the biggest problem areas and success stories in government agencies rolling out new programs
  • How confident government employees are in their organization's ability to deliver on key aspects of the Federal Data Strategy

What's Next?

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