TDWI Best Practices Report - Reducing Time to Insight and Maximizing the Benefits of Real-Time Data

Decision-makers are at a disadvantage when they are forced to work with stale dashboards and analytics. Opportunities to use AI to personalize marketing, sales, and service at the point of engagement to increase customer loyalty are lost if data is old and irrelevant. Faster insights can only be achieved if delays and bottlenecks throughout data life cycles are addressed using better practices and modern technologies.

In the report, David Stodder, Senior Director of TDWI Research for Business Intelligence, points out that “problems such as complex manual coding, redundancy, and excessive data movement are often major contributors to data latency,” as are numerous and growing data silos. The report also discusses the importance of data intelligence—a category of technologies and practices critical to data quality and streamlined data governance—to solving these challenges.

Beginning with an examination of the importance of real-time and near-real-time data for modern businesses, the report reveals the greatest challenges enterprises face and how to address them.


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