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David Stodder

Senior Director of Research for BI

Saptarshi Sengupta

Sr. Director Product Marketing

Cloud migration is a top priority for most organizations. In fact, TDWI research indicates that platforms such as cloud data warehouses are already mainstream and the gap between on-premises warehouses and cloud data warehouses is narrowing. Cloud data lakes are in the early mainstream phase of adoption.

So, how do successful organizations move to the cloud? How do organizations address challenges with hybrid multicloud environments where some systems are on-premises and others are located on multiple cloud platforms?

This expert panel will discuss how to develop a cloud migration strategy as well as processes and technologies that can help with hybrid multicloud. Topics include:

  • Data integration strategies for cloud migration and hybrid multicloud
  • Data governance during cloud migration and across hybrid multicloud
  • Preventing cloud data lakes from becoming data swamps

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