The JSE, founded in 1887, is the largest stock exchange in Africa. It ranks as one of the 20 largest stock exchanges in the world by market capitalization. The JSE has operated as a marketplace for the trading of financial products for over 120 years. During this time, the JSE has evolved from a traditional floor-based outcry market to a modern securities exchange providing electronic trading, clearing and settlement in underlying and derivative instruments for a variety of asset classes, and has extensive surveillance and regulation capabilities. The JSE also operates the South African government bond market on behalf of the National Treasury and is a major provider of financial information.

Not many businesses compare to stock exchanges when it comes to the need for real-time data. When billions of dollars are at stake, trading venues cannot afford to go slow or go wrong. Keep reading to learn how the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) built a modern data integration architecture, using the Denodo Platform as one of its foundational components, to service the real-time data needs for a variety of critical functions, including post-trade settlement and share price valuations.