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For several years, Logitech had been developing and delivering data services for analytics using on-premises systems. But provisioning data services for business users has been reactive, time consuming, and inefficient. The company’s modern product and service offerings, such as security video analysis and smart home devices, required predictive analytics, real-time data analytics, and cognitive science. To gain these capabilities, and be able to offer the right service to business users at the right time, Logitech wanted to move IT operations to the cloud. Cloud technology would empower IT organizations to redefine the way data services are produced and delivered.

Logitech needed to transition IT operations to the cloud, so the company could provide a more reliable, efficient, and cost effective form of data extraction for analytics. While Logitech chose Amazon S3, Snowflake, and other cloud components to build their cloud based data analytics platform, some sources of data remained on-premises. Logitech needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate all its on-premises and cloud components.

Download this document to read about how the Denodo Platform made Logitech’s cloud journey not only possible, but possible as a live migration, with minimal impact on business operations.

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