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Today’s data management landscape is becoming increasingly complex, as data is spread out across many heterogeneous data systems (data warehouses, columnar databases, MPP engines, specialized data stores, SaaS/cloud applications, etc.) that can be in multiple locations (on-premises, cloud, etc.). This makes it difficult to offer a unified view of the data to business applications and to guarantee that governance policies and rules are enforced across the data delivery chain.

Logical data fabric is a modern data architecture enabled by data virtualization, a unified data integration and delivery platform that abstracts underlying data systems from business consumers, thus hiding the complexity, but exposing the data in business friendly formats, and at the same time guaranteeing the delivery of data according to predefined semantics and governance rules, solving today’s fundamental data management challenges.

Data virtualization is the key technology for logical data fabric. As the only data integration style designed for distributed architectures, data virtualization provides a logical data access layer on top of multiple heterogeneous systems in hybrid, distributed architectures. Today, the data management ecosystem is distributed in nature, so data virtualization is the best fit.

Denodo Enterprise represents a significant step forward in building a logical data fabric. It incorporates features that accelerate the delivery of governed data to business applications, in the most appropriate format for each consumer, across multiple, geographically distributed, heterogeneous systems.

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