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In the evaluation phase for next-generation technologies, VTTI did a competitive analysis of data management tools. The company evaluated three platforms to send jetty information, such as data about vessel arrivals and departures, to the company’s Power BI dashboard. Due to the ease of use of the Denodo platform, combined with the guidance of the implementation partner, Axians, it took just two weeks to create and publish a data model to Power BI with the Denodo Platform, compared to two months with the competing platforms. The Denodo Platform, with its core data virtualization technology, made it much faster and easier to integrate the jetty data with other VTTI systems.

VTTI leverages the Denodo Platform as the single layer with which to access all underlying data sources, enabling VTTI to provide a steady source of reliable data to data-consuming applications. The Denodo Platform integrates operational data that spans a variety of functions, such as finance, maintenance, and human resources. The Denodo Platform is also connecting to data from external data sources available from municipalities, port management, and meteorological organizations. The Denodo Platform combines data from six different data sources, including two different versions of an ERP system and data from 16 geographically distributed oil and chemical terminals. VTTI is also working on developing more data and analytics use cases in predictive maintenance and carbon footprint reduction (See the diagram entitled “Journey towards Our Insight Driven Company”). The company began by implementing the following use-cases and plans to also leverage the Denodo Platform for predictive maintenance and data science.

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