IDC InfoBrief: Enterprise Intelligence Unlocked

Assessing the Central Role of Data Control Plane and Data Virtualization

Linus Lai
Linus Lai Chief Analyst and Digital Business Research Lead, ANZ IDC
Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo

In today’s digital economy, companies need control over their data assets while having agility to leverage the data to its full potential. As data management challenges grow, so does the need for data and enterprise intelligence. 60% of organizations with superior enterprise intelligence, have major improvements in decision making and 35% experience increased revenue growth.

IDC’s Data Control Plane is an architectural layer that supports all types of data management activities: planning, control, development and operations. It provides holistic management of people and processes in the use of distributed, diverse, dynamic and high volume data for better data enablement and improved business outcomes.

In this IDC InfoBrief commissioned by Denodo, you will learn how Data Virtualization powers the data control plane and plays a critical role in providing the required capabilities for a modern data architecture to drive all aspects of enterprise intelligence.

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