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Errol Rodericks

EMEA & LATAM Product & Solutions Marketing Director, Denodo

Listen to "Evolving the Customer Experience: Hyper-Personalization Meets Data Virtualization" on Spreaker.

Welcome to the Denodo Data Bites podcast! We're excited to present our latest episode, "Evolving the Customer Experience: Hyper-Personalization Meets Data Virtualization." Join us as we explore this topic with our guest, Errol Rodericks, Director of Product Marketing for EMEA & LATAM.

In this episode, Errol explores:

  • The integration of hyper-personalization with data virtualization.
  • How these technologies reshape the customer-business relationship, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.
  • Overcoming key challenges in implementing these technologies.
  • Ensuring robust data governance, security, and privacy.
  • Future trends in hyper-personalization and data virtualization.

Tune in to gain actionable insights and learn how to leverage these technologies for business growth and enhanced customer experiences.

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