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In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing world, businesses rely on line-ofbusiness staff to make quick, intelligent decisions based on the latest data and information. Whether responding to an online query, offering a customer discount, or selecting a supplier to reduce supply chain risk - agility, precision, and fast responses all rest on the data-driven decisions and actions of its business-line members.

We know that transforming and analyzing data in the cloud can speed up time-to-insight. However, even leveraging the cloud, companies still need to rely on IT for basic data access and insights. Many employees do not have direct access to data or tools that help them analyze their data. For many Denodo customers, data self-service is the next milestone in achieving rapid time-to-insight and real-time business agility.

The combination of Denodo logical data fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud enables a powerful and unified self-service data strategy, making all data users and analysts more productive, infrastructures more cost-efficient, and time-to-insight more immediate.

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