Indium and Denodo have partnered to combine state-of-the art end-to-end professional services with the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platform to help clients derive more value from their data. Working together, the two companies enable organizations to modernize their data landscapes and achieve a digital transformation of daily operations. With Denodo’s data virtualization platform and Indium’s strong expertise in big data and analytics, the two companies can facilitate and accelerate data access.

Many companies would like to engage in digital transformations to streamline data access and drive advanced analytics. Unfortunately, many continue to struggle to keep pace with the growing volumes, velocities, and variety of the different data types that come their way on a daily basis. Even when companies manage to capture this volatile data, they lack the expertise to structure the consumption and analysis of the data so that it can be put to immediate use in adding value. Learn more about the partnership and power of Indium and Denodo together.