Leveraging Data Virtualization to Supercharge Cloud Deployments

Organizations are moving to cloud-based infrastructure, to enable SaaS products and other service-oriented initiatives, and forgo many of the costs associated with maintaining on-premises infrastructure. But transitions to the cloud are not easy.

As a first step, many organizations move data from multiple sources into cloud based data lakes, only to find that though the data is now stored in a single location, the data is still organized into silos. Organizations also find that security presents additional challenges, since the data is no longer under their direct control. And finally, they struggle with latency, since the data must now travel across the network, competing with other traffic. 

Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

  • The three primary reasons why organizations struggle with cloud deployments.
  • How hybrid data hubs, enabled by data virtualization, overcome common cloud challenges.
  • The benefits of a Denodo hybrid data hub. 
  • The specific features offered by the Denodo Platform to overcome network latency.
  • How several companies have successfully leveraged the Denodo Platform to overcome the typical challenges associated with a migration to the cloud.