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Today’s data management landscape is becoming increasingly complex, as companies introduce new, hybrid solutions that are comprised of heterogeneous, geographically distributed systems that include a mix of on-premises, cloud-based, and multi-cloud systems. 

Cloud data warehouses provide several advantages over on-premises systems, including automatic scalability, but companies are not rapidly getting rid of on-premises systems, as many perform vital roles in day-to-day operations. Companies need a better way to integrate these heterogeneous sources.

Download this Denodo and Snowflake Cloud Analytical Data Hub Solution Brief to learn about:

  • Centralizing your data on Snowflake’s elastic infrastructure.
  • Delivering a centralized governance layer to create a “single version of the truth” for better information consistency and integrity on the Denodo Platform.
  • Incorporating geospatial, IoT, and other streaming data, to enable real-time data services.


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