Data Virtualisation For The Public Sector (UK)

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Public Sector organisations, government departments, agencies, NDPBs and regulators are not far from getting entirely digitally transformed, but are regularly hampered by their data, analytical capabilities, integration, abstraction and governance. Denodo are delighted to be partnering with GovNews to explore some of these new challenges in the public sector. Firstly, Data Virtualisation is a logical data layer that virtually integrates all the data siloed across the disparate systems in an organisation, whatever its format or structure. This will allow organisations to:

  • Gain 'real-time' insight and analytics from your data
  • Benefit from high performance data integration and abstraction across the broadest range of silos
  • Improve information sharing with proper governance and security measures in place
  • Rollout successful projects using big data

In this new whitepaper: Data Virtualisation for the Public Sector, we explore this dilemma, methods to handle ever-increasing data, virtualisation in action, its benefits and how it will enable the next generation of public services.

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