The Denodo Platform on AWS Cloud

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Denodo Platform on AWS Cloud enables users to quickly leverage data virtualization with cloud computing capabilities and simplify their migration journey to the cloud.  It also helps design and implement a  hybrid cloud architecture, that provides a data services layer across on-prem and cloud. The much awaited whitepaper is here to help you understand the various architectural and deployment best practices, including details about variety of data sources (SaaS and others) that can be integrated using the Denodo Platform in the cloud. It highlights the advantages of multi-location architectures that seamlessly combine both on-prem and multi-cloud deployments. 

This whitepaper provides an in-depth coverage of Denodo Platform on AWS Cloud:

  • Data virtualization in the cloud
  • Deployment on AWS cloud
  • Best practices and architecture considerations 
  • Use cases on AWS cloud
  • Customer case studies of Denodo on AWS 
  • Benefits of Denodo on AWS

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