Enterprise Architecture – Strategies That Enable Technology Trends

 2023/06/14 - Chicago, IL, USA

  9:00am-5:00pm CDT

Denodo is a proud sponsor of Enterprise Architecture – Strategies That Enable Technology Trends a CAMP IT Conferences event in Chicago (Rosemont/O’Hare).

Mike Woods, Vice President, General Manager – Central, Evangelist, Denodo will be presenting Six Trends That Will ‘Make Or Break’ Your Data Strategy. Abstract: Putting data to work in your business is changing rapidly and the challenge is growing exponentially. It’s hard to keep up with the demands of putting all of that data to work.

It seemed like only yesterday we only had to rely on moving data into our trusted data warehouse from which we could do our reporting and analytics. Nowadays, we have an alphabet soup of technologies that are supposed to help us meet the voracious data needs of the business but yet not much has changed in our success rate.

What if there was a better way? What if we could futureproof our data and analytics capabilities today to keep from having to rebuild them in a few years’ time, as new technologies, approaches, methodologies and processes emerge?

In this session, we will look at six trends – and their underlying technologies – that should influence your future data strategy for long term success.

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