Data Architecture Melbourne

 21 Jun 2023 to 22 Jun 2023 - Grand Hyatt, Melbourne, Australia

Denodo is a proud platinum partner sponsor at Corinium Intelligence's Data Architecture Melbourne on Wednesday 21 to Thursday 22 June 2023. We hope to see you come by our booth to learn about data virtualization, its capabilities, and its benefits via real customer use cases and videos, or a demo of the latest version of our software, Denodo 8.0.

As businesses increasingly leverage data to inform critical decision, the need to have a sound architecture is becoming more prominent. However, the sheer amount of data being collected, the ever-evolving governance, and the speed of innovation present ongoing challenges for data architects. It is now more important than ever to design a scalable and flexible data infrastructure, to ensure competitiveness.

Data Architecture Melbourne brings together leading data architects from various industries to discuss emerging trends, challenges, opportunities, and best practices with one goal in mind – to develop a strong data strategy that in turns could derive valuable insights.

If you would like to reserve a timeslot to have a chat or see a demo at our stand while you are at the conference, please contact us here.

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