CDO Dallas Summit

 2022/08/30 - The Highland Dallas, Texas

  8:30 am - 6:30 pm CT

Mike Woods will be the Keynote Speaker on the topic of Data Liberation is Fundamental to Data Democratization at the CDO Dallas Summit, Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at The HIghlands Dallas.

The CDO Summit Series gathers top Data & Analytics executives to discuss this and other hot topics, trends, and challenges in a unique and intimate setting

Abstract: Data Liberation is Fundamental to Data Democratization

Data and analytics related infrastructure is constantly evolving at an accelerated pace, to fulfill the data democratization goals of the CIOs, CDOs and CDAOs. While a plethora of emerging technologies have been solving many of the data management and analytics problems for decades in the short term, they fall short of being long term solutions, thus requiring re-strategizing and reengineering enterprise data infrastructure and ultimately becoming costly and rigid solutions. How can data and analytics leaders truly liberate their data? A logical approach to data management holds the promise for a long-term solution to this problem. Join a panel of data leaders and subject matter experts to learn why a logical architecture-based data liberation is fundamental to data democratization.

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