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8th Innovative CIO Awards & Symposium 2023

Denodo is the the Gold Sponsor for 8th Innovative CIO Awards 2023. Dynamic changes in IT landscape besides the significant transformation in IT usages, organizations are facing multiple challenges to address to incorporate the changes. CIOs are under tremendous pressure to execute projects with limited resources within stipulated time-frame to enable organizations address targeted business growth. It is indeed a mammoth task for IT leaders to meet the expectations within such a constrained environment. This is indeed unwanted, an uncalled for situation, but at the same time this is opportunity to exhibit yourself.

YES, we strongly believe that a true leader comes out with strong leadership in such a situation only. This is the time; an innovative, bold and transformative decision can change the entire ballgame. Innovation is the only way which can pave a successful story, even in such a turmoil situation. Innovation is the only answer, which can overwrite all obstacles, even in such a restricted environment.

This conference will help attendees gain a better understanding on building an analytical data model for business and customer growth.

Topics to be covered:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Trends in Data Visualization
  • Data Centers

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