DataConnect Conference

 2023/07/20 - Hyatt Regency Columbus, Ohio

  2:05 PM-2:45 PM

Denodo is proud to be a sponsor of DataConnect | Women in Analytics Conference. Join Terry Dorsey, Sr. Data Architect and Evangelist for North America, Denodo and Pooja Dusane, Data Engineer, Denodo who will present: Data Products: Bridging the Gap from Concept to Execution with Data Virtualization.

Imagine data as the star product and data virtualization as the production plant and distribution center. In this presentation, we'll embark on a journey through the procurement, construction, quality assurance, labeling and launch of business-ready data products, all tailored to bolster enterprise success.

Our spotlight: A use case, where we'll simulate the iterative process of building an Artificial Intelligence project. It’s not just theory; it's practical, it’s live, and hopefully exciting!

By the end of this journey, we hope to illuminate how Data Virtualization acts as a powerful catalyst, enabling you to swiftly deliver data as a high-value product and help to drive your business forward, giving you a competitive edge. So, buckle up and prepare for a data adventure that will hopefully inspire you to think about the many ways in which Data Virtualization can fuel your unique data journey.

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