CDAO Chicago

 2023/08/08 to 2023/08/09 - Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile, IL, USA

Don’t miss Logical Data Management: How to Achieve Self-Service and Simplified Governance - a Fireside Chat with Mike Woods Mike Woods, VP and General Manager- Central U.S., Denodo and Paul Aeschleman, Sr. Manager Data Product, Health Care Service Corp.(HCSC) Blue Cross Blue Shield as they address:

  • The old way of managing data was like putting all your eggs in one basket - slow and expensive. With logical data management, you can access all your data sources on-demand without making copies, reducing time to data by 65% and time to revenue by 83%
  • How this journey from monolithic to logical architectures empowers business users with self-service and simplifies governance
  • Takeaways: Simplify your data management journey, empower business users with self-service, improve your time to INSIGHT with logical architecture
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