NYC Transformation Assembly

 2023/10/26 - New York, USA

  7:45 AM - 6:00 PM EST

Denodo is the Executive Panel sponsor at the APEX CDO Transformation Assembly in NYC. The event will bring together visionary leaders and industry experts in the technology industry for a day of content, discussion, active learning, and networking at the Assembly!

DAY & TIME: Thursday, October 26th at 11:35 AM

TITLE: CXO Panel: Empowering Innovation by Building Powerful Data Management

ABSTRACT: Data is one of the most valuable assets in your organization. We must consider data ownership and treat data as a product. Products have value, so how do you accelerate the building of these data products and ensure that Business Value can be derived from them? Let's keep in mind, more data doesn't equal greater value. And, despite all the advances in technology, end users including BI, data scientists still spend most of their time processing and transforming data. This session will explore the best practices of building data products with Business value from any landscape of multiple data systems. In building these products, how do we balance the need for governance and control that IT needs vs. speed and agility that the Business now demands.


  • Parker Thompson, RVP and General Manager, NA East


  • Suresh Ande, Head of Engineering & Global Risk at BofA
  • Marcelo Schnettler, Chief Product Owner and VP of Platform Development at Prudential Financial
  • Latesh Nair, Chief Architect and Strategist at HealthFirst
  • Richa Singh, Vice President,, Global Engineering Lead, Digital Platforms at Goldman Sachs
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