Presto NYC Meetup with Denodo and Uber

 2023/11/02 - New York, USA

Join the Presto Foundation, Denodo and Uber on an in-person Presto meetup in New York City. You will hear from Senthil Ramesh, Sales Engineer at Denodo and Sergey Makagonov, Staff Software Engineer at Uber share best practices on scaling and running Presto.

Hands on - Running a Presto test deployment in your laptop with Helm and

Speaker: Senthil Ramesh, Sales Engineer at Denodo

Deploying a production-ready presto requires a significant amount of infrastructure and access to object storage, often in the cloud. This can be quite complex and expensive for a beginner that is just getting started, and quite inconvenient for a more advanced user that wants to validate and test a certain configuration. Fortunately, thanks to the combo of helm charts, Kubernetes and we'll show you how you can run a fully functional Presto cluster with just a few steps from the comfort of your laptop.

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