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2024 Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) Summit

Denodo is presenting at the 2024 DAMA Day in NYC. This year’s event will focus on Artificial Intelligence. AI is indeed a hot topic in data management, and exploring its implications for society and various aspects of data management is crucial. Addressing questions like what AI is and its societal benefits, its impact on data architecture, quality, and data science roles, as well as how data vendors are leveraging AI to enhance their products, provides a comprehensive understanding of its role in the data landscape. Experts will share data strategies to solve real-world business problems adds practical value, allowing attendees to see how AI can be applied effectively in different contexts. 

Denodo's Exclusive Session:

DAY & TIME:  Thursday, June 20th – 11:50 AM - 12:30 PM

TITLE:  Navigating the Future: Data Products and Gen AI

ABSTRACT:  In an era where a solid data foundation is indispensable for harnessing AI and Generative AI initiatives, enriching customer experiences, and enhancing operational efficiency, a new data strategy is required. Inessa will dive into the essence of modern data architecture, the blueprint for democratizing data access within organizations, thereby enabling informed decision-making at all levels. She will explore how modernizing data infrastructure supports the dynamic demands of today's digital landscape and discover how your organization can leverage data to drive growth, innovation, and a competitive edge in this transformative era.

SPEAKER:  Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo




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