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Knowledge Session India: Your Cloud Modernization Strategy needs Data Virtualization

So your company has decided to modernize its systems and migrate to the Cloud. Or, maybe, you're in the middle of this modernization and migration process right now. Taking advantage of the dynamic agility and flexibility of the Cloud offerings is certainly something to look forward to. But how do you ensure that your users can access the data that they need from the various Cloud and on-premise data sources - before, during, and after the migrations?

The Cloud vendors will tell you that if you move your data to the Cloud, you won't need technologies like data virtualization. Is this true? Is it possible to migrate your data to the Cloud and deliver all of the data that your users need without the help of any other technology?

Join us for this webinar as we explore the challenges and pitfalls of Cloud modernization and whether data virtualization is needed to deliver the value that your company expects from these initiatives.

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