Unizin Virtual Summit

 2024/04/02 to 2024/04/04 - Online

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With Instructure’s introduction of ‘Canvas Data 2’ and the subsequent retirement of ‘Canvas Data 1’, Indiana University’s Learning Management Analytics Repository, complete with its underlying data models was subject to massive change.  Fortunately, through the power of the Denodo Platform’s logical warehousing and integration approach, the IU team was able to quietly navigate these changes and transition from one backend cloud provider and data model combination to the another, all while improving data design and minimizing disruption to consumers. Join us as we cover the technical approach, lessons learned and problems conquered through this interesting case study review.

Don't miss our session "Switching Cloud Providers: Changing Courses and Making the Grade," presented by Dan Young from Indiana University on April 4th at 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM CT.

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