PSN: Data & AI Showcase

 2022/12/08 - Ottawa, ON Canada

Denodo is joining Public Sector Network's Data & AI Showcase in Ottawa, Ontario on December 8th, 2022

The theme is Building a Smart Public Sector with Data Collaboration and Automation.

The Data & AI Showcase explores how data is being used to streamline internal operations and drive innovation while putting the security and privacy of citizens first. Spead with data experts and take advantage of practical advice on how to leverage automation and digitalization to improve service delivery and the everyday lives of citizens.

Paul Moxon, SVP Architecture & Chief Evangelist, Denodo, discusses architecture decoupling, best practices for an agile architecture, and how de-coupling your analytics architecture from your data can accelerate the implementation of a cloud-first strategy.

Note: Registration to PSN events is complimentary and exclusive to Public Sector employees only.

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