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Midwest Architecture Community Conference (MACC 2023)

Denodo is a please to sponsor the 10th annual Midwest Architecture Community Conference (MACC 2023) in Minnesota on Nov 9, 2023. Terry Dorsey Data Architect and Evangelist, Denodo, will be the lunch keynote on "Data-Driven Triumph: Unleashing AI’s Potential for Enterprise Success"

Embark on a transformative journey that places data at the heart of your enterprise’s AI initiatives. This exploration will guide you through the iterative process of constructing robust Artificial Intelligence capabilities, moving beyond abstract concepts to concrete, data-powered business outcomes.

In this immersive experience, Terry will share a real-world case study that vividly illustrates the strategic implementation of AI capabilities through Data Virtualization. Discover how this approach not only generated substantial revenue but also birthed innovative products in the market, all driven by a comprehensive data strategy.

Prepare for an exhilarating AI adventure that seeks to inspire and equip you with invaluable best practices for breathing life into AI through the real-time integration of data, security, and governance. As we focus on the power of data, we aim to empower your enterprise for data-driven success in the age of AI.

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