17 Feb 2023 - Taj MG Road, Bengaluru, India

Denodo is the proud partner for DATANEXT - Data is the new oil of the digital age! As businesses glean and harness data across various sources, navigating through the data journey becomes strategically significant. The process of gathering, storing, cleaning, normalizing, enriching, securing and analyzing this data can be both critical and cumbersome and in many cases, costly.

Data NEXT is conceived to address all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes and technology. Built to be educational and technical, the agenda of this event is designed for the digital leaders of business world and will showcase some of the best data-driven innovative projects, products, business ideas and technologies, presented by some of the most advanced and innovative organisations in India.

This conference will help attendees gain a better understanding on building an analytical data model for business and customer growth.

Topics to be covered:

  • Translating Data in Strategy
  • Market Segmentation with Data
  • Trends in Data Visualization
  • Future Technologies
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