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New Directions in Data Management

As a Platinum Sponsor, we are excited to announce the first joint annual data management day, hosted by the Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA) and the New England Chapter of DAMA International (DAMA NE). Organizations are transforming rapidly, resulting in refreshing approaches to managing the data and information. This one-day event will bring together leaders, experts, and practitioners and peers from the data management profession to share how they are pivoting their approaches to accommodate the rapid changes.

We are thrilled to present our panel session titled "Do You Have The Tools In Place To Foster a Data Driven Culture?". The session, led by our Director of Product Marketing, Kevin Bohan, is scheduled for 11:30 am-12pm ET.

Many insurance companies strive to build a self-service data marketplace to empower their users to directly explore and access the needed data, reducing dependence on IT teams and enabling faster, more accurate decision-making. Data marketplaces foster a data-driven culture, driving innovation and enabling them to unlock the full potential of their data assets. However, the adoption of self-service data marketplaces is not without challenges. There are complexities related to the integration of disparate data sources, and issues around data governance and security. Ensuring proper access controls and data privacy become critical considerations to address to maintain data integrity and compliance while empowering users with self-service capabilities. In this session, we will discuss the following:

  • The journey for data democratization to help become a data-driven organization
  • Cultural shifts and challenges in becoming data literate
  • The challenges in data ownership and data asset management 

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