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CDO Boston Summit

Denodo is sponsoring the Chief Data Officer Summit in Boston. The CDO Summit bring together leading C-level executives, analysts, and solution providers to network and attend interactive sessions on the latest business topics and trends. Now more than ever, the data department has become crucial in keeping businesses growing and employees connected. CDOs want to ensure their business can stay ahead of their competitors and need to discover new opportunities to drives business growth whilst lowering costs.

DAY & TIME: August 1 at 12:05 pm - 12:30 pm

TITLE: Top 5 Strategies for Modernizing Your Data Architecture

ABSTRACT: There is much hype around new data management approaches, from Cloud Data Warehouses to Data Lakes, Data Fabrics, and more. In this session, we will cut through the noise and focus on five key principles you must consider to modernize your data architecture and drive value for the business.

SPEAKER: Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Management

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