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The Interest of DENODO in developing a strategy that allows it to respond quickly and effectively to a possible contingency and / or disaster situation has prompted this company to implement a Business Continuity Plan. The aim of the Business Continuity Plan is to lay out the preparations and planning that will enable Denodo to respond effectively to a possible serious incident, from the moment it occurs until the eventual return to normal operations, all while minimizing the impact of such an event on the company's business.

To achieve this, DENODO Management is establishing this Business Continuity Policy, which is based on the business' needs and the understanding of the potential associated risks:

  • The primary objective of this Plan is to ensure the Company's ability to continue or immediately resume performing its critical business functions, which are the functions that support the Company's mission, while ensuring life-safety and complying with legal requirements, under all circumstances.
  • A Business Continuity Management System has been established and its goal, among others, is to develop the principles of the Business Continuity Policy, as well as to set the guidelines to be followed to keep the DENODO Business Continuity Plan up to date.
  • DENODO Management supports the Company's Business Continuity goals, it understands the risks associated with the failure to ensure the critical activities of the Company, and hereby commits to providing the Business Continuity Committee with necessary resources.
  • DENODO will continuously maintain, update and improve the Business Continuity Plan, and will carry out testing of its Business Continuity Plans, both (i) at least once per year, and (ii) when there are significant changes in the organizational structure, equipment, facilities, processes or business activities. All applicable business areas of the Company will actively participate in the process of maintenance, updating, testing and improvement of the Continuity Plan.
  • DENODO Management will appoint representatives with due experience to train the Business Critical Area Teams and Support Teams who will participate in such Plans.
  • DENODO will ensure that all participants In the Business Continuity Plans, as well as others who may be Involved in them, are Informed of their responsibilities and the actions they must take, both in normal situation as in the event of a contingency, within the framework of Business Continuity, through regular training, dissemination and testing of the Plans.
  • DENODO Management will internally promote and disseminate the Business Continuity capability within the company culture, and will ensure that Business Continuity requirements are considered in new developments and improvements of the organization.
  • DENODO will make the Business Continuity Policy available to all workers.

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