COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures Worlwide

Measures of social distancing implemented by governments worldwide in response to the COVID-19.

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Information about social distancing measures implemented by governments worldwide in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

10AfghanistanHeratAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingall public gatherings banned0020-01-03OCHAUN
8AfghanistanHeratAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancing0020-01-03OCHAUN
5AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingNevruz festival cancelled0020-12-03AAMedia
4268AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingSchool closures until "the end of the month" (Afghanistan uses the Solar Hijri calendar)Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4274AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingPeople should avoid official and non-official protests (gatherings?) to prevent the spread of coronavirus.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
9923AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingReleases Hundreds of Prisoners to Limit Coronavirus OutbreaksNot applicableDemocracy Now!Media
5398AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingcheckedOrder of the Minister responsible for health no. 158: For the suspension of the functioning of the evaluation commissions of persons with disabilities and work invalids.Not availableAlbanian Government "legal acts"Government
5395AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingcheckedOrder of the Minister responsible for health no. 133: restricting the movement of patients' companions or relatives in hospitalsNot available0020-08-03Albanian Government "legal acts"Government
29AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingAll schools are closed from March 10, 2020 until March 23, 2020Not applicable0020-10-03US EmbassyGovernment
30AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingUntil 3rd AprilNot applicable0020-10-03US EmbassyGovernment
5397AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingDecision of the High Judicial Council no. 127: 1) Suspension of activity and judicial services in all courts of the country, of general and special jurisdiction due to the situation caused by COVID19. 2) The activities and judicial services related to the case are excluded from the effects of this suspension.Not available0020-10-03Albanian Government "legal acts"Government
2001AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingchecked1. Social, cultural or political gatherings, either in enclosed or open-air spaces, are banned and fined: 5 million lek (40,000 euros). 2. Television stations are banned from having more than two people on their talk shows in the same room and will be fined 1 million leks (8,300 euros) for any violations. 3. fines and three-year bans for car drivers if they breach restrictions on movement.FinesBalkaninSightMedia
5355AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingAlbania�s penitentiary system has banned any visits to prisoners from family members. the deputy director of penitentiary institutions, said prisons had installed about 64 computers to allow prisoners to speak to their family members in video calls.Not availableBalkanInsightMedia
5354AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingcheckedFree 600 Prisoners as Pandemic Precaution sent home on a special permit for about three months. target: convicted of lesser crimes and some who are elderly and suffering from chronic diseases that can make them vulnerable. released prisoners are being ordered to stay at home and will be prosecuted if they do not return to prison at the end of the pandemic.Up to detentionBalkanInsightMedia
5352AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingonly one person per household is allowed to go out to buy food or medicine at a time, for a maximum of 90 minutes; the �exit permit� can be obtained by sending an SMS to 55155.FinesInternational SOSOther organisations
7251AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingMore than 600 business activities have restarted including farming, repair shops, mining, fishing, food and fish processing as well as other retailers.Not applicableInternational SOSOther organisations
8870AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingcheckedTaxis will be allowed to travel between cities from 4 May.vNot applicable0020-04-05International SOSOther organisations
8871AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingcheckedShopping centres, hairdressers and dentists will reopen on 11 May.Not applicable0020-11-05International SOSOther organisations
8874AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingHigh schools will open from 18 May until 5 June for graduating students. No more than 15 students per classroom.Not applicableInternational SOSOther organisations
8873AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingcheckedBars and restaurants will open but serve only in their outdoor spaces, respecting social distancing until 17.30 (when the night curfew starts), from 19 May.Not applicableInternational SOSOther organisations
12774AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingAll indoor activity centers for children, gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, internet cafes, cultural centers, and entertainment centers reopen on June 1, 2020. Beaches connected to hotels reopened on June 1, 2020. Beaches may reopen to the general public on June 10, 2020.Not applicable0020-01-06US EmbassyGovernment
13931AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingProfessional sporting events have resumed, with no spectators allowed to attend.Not applicableUs EmbassyGovernment
17544AlbaniaEuropeIntroduction / extension of measuresSocial distancingOn 20 July, the government announced the closing of nightclubs, discos and lounge bars and a ban on music after 20:00 in all public facilities. Failure to comply with this obligation by the entities is punishable by a fine of ALL 3 million and suspension of activity for a period of one yearFinesOECDOther organisations
118183AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingcheckedThe Ministry of Education announces that the new academic year will start on September 14, while some elementary school pupils will be back in the classroom from August 31Not ApplicableBalkan InsightMedia
139312AlbaniaEuropePhase-out measureSocial distancingIndoor bars and restaurants will be permitted to resume operations provided that customers use face masksNot Applicable0020-01-10GardaMedia
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