Data Virtualization Hands-On Workshop

24 October 2019 Capital Tower, Level 9, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore

Data Virtualization has been getting a lot of attention recently - Gartner has called it an important component of any data integration architecture. Join us to find out what all the noise is about.
In the Hands on Workshop, you will get to experience:

  • How quickly and easily you can integrate and provision data using the Denodo Platform
  • How the Denodo query optimizer delivers data in real-time, on-demand even when dealing with very large data sets
  • How you can expose data as 'data services' for consumption by a variety of users and tools
  • How data virtualization can play a critical role in data governance and security within your organization

The Hands on Workshop will be a chance for you to get hands on experience of Data Virtualization and how it works. All you need to bring is a laptop to be able to try out the Denodo Platform and become a Data Ninja!

This hands-on lab is limited to 10 participants per session. Attendees need to bring their own laptop for this hands-on lab.

AGENDA - (Group 1: Morning Session)

   8.30AM – 9.00AM  Registration

   9.00AM – 10.00AM  Hands-on workshop part 1

   10.00AM – 10.30AM  Break

   10.30AM – 11.15AM  Hands-on workshop part 2

   11.15AM – 11.45AM  Q&A

   12.00PM  Session ends


AGENDA - (Group 2: Afternoon Session)

   1.30PM  Registration 

   2.00PM – 3.00PM  Hands-on workshop part 1

   3.00PM – 3.30PM  Break

   3.30PM – 4.15PM  Hands-on workshop part 2

   4.15PM – 4.45PM  Q&A

   5.00PM  Session ends

Seats are limited. Register now!

Intended Audience: Data Professionals.

Knowledge Level: Basic knowledge of database and data warehousing concepts.

Pre-requisite: Bring Your Own Laptop
Important note: Each workshop participant is required to bring their own laptop running Windows or a laptop that can be connected to a remote desktop.

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