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At Apptad, we are a full-spectrum consulting and implementation partner dedicated to empowering enterprises to overcome modern data, application, and AI challenges. Our mission is to transform your business by placing data at the heart of your operations. With a holistic approach and a team of seasoned experts, we deliver innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and drive growth. Whether it's through advanced data analytics, seamless application integration, or robust platform management, Apptad is committed to helping you harness the full potential of your data and achieve unparalleled success.
    Business Sales ReadyTrained to position Denodo using sales playbooks, solution-building strategies, and toolkits supported by real-world use cases.
    Technical Sales ReadyCertified to present, compare, and recommend data virtualization powered by Denodo for logical and physical data architectures.
    Product ReadyAccomplished in the concepts for designing, developing, and deploying the Denodo Platform.
    Demo ReadyAdept in performing quick data virtualization capability overviews, competitive comparisons, and customized solution demonstrations on the Denodo Platform.
    PoC ReadyValidated by Denodo in the best practices and methodologies to deliver comprehensive pilots or PoCs of the Denodo Platform.
    Implementation ReadyExpert in the implementation of Denodo use cases with Denodo oversight and advisory support.

Denodo Free Trial

30-days free trial on the cloud for you to fully test Denodo Professional


Denodo Express

The free way to data virtualization