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ASU Cybernetics Company is a full-cycle IT company with an emphasis on the implementation of processes, culture and tools for Data Management, Business Analytics and Data Warehousing. ASU Cybernetics have been working since 2007 and are engaged in the development, implementation, IT consulting, maintenance and technical support of IT systems. ASU Cybernetics help top managers make timely and high-quality decisions by reducing the time for generating reports and collecting data, building data flows and bringing them to quality in accordance with the requirements of all stakeholders. 

ASU Cybernetics analysts build analytics without wasting time searching and interpreting data by building a bridge between IT and Business departments by introducing Data Governance processes and tools, creating a unified business glossary and connecting it with technical metadata (sources).

    Business Sales ReadyTrained to position Denodo using sales playbooks, solution-building strategies, and toolkits supported by real-world use cases.
    Technical Sales ReadyCertified to present, compare, and recommend data virtualization powered by Denodo for logical and physical data architectures.
    Product ReadyAccomplished in the concepts for designing, developing, and deploying the Denodo Platform.
    Demo ReadyAdept in performing quick data virtualization capability overviews, competitive comparisons, and customized solution demonstrations on the Denodo Platform.
    PoC ReadyValidated by Denodo in the best practices and methodologies to deliver comprehensive pilots or PoCs of the Denodo Platform.
    Implementation ReadyExpert in the implementation of Denodo use cases with Denodo oversight and advisory support.

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