Canny Tech

Canny Technology Solutions (Canny Tech) is a trusted Data and Analytics Solution partner that consistently delivers business results to its clients. Canny Tech is a US based company offering Services in Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Virtualization, MDM, NLP, Video Analytics, API Management and Mobile/Web App development. We are known for the acceleration capabilities to improve code productivity. Our tool "Denostan" standardizes the Denodo objects swiftly and are used by the customers in the deployment process.

Our experience with Denodo is tremendous. Denodo has extensive capabilities in Data Virtualization which enabled our customers in providing significant value to the business needs in a rapid manner. Denodo team is also very responsive and supportive for us to strengthen our technical expertise in Denodo. We collaborated with them so closely to build the optimal solutions for the Customers in their DV journey.

Kavi Krishnan, Executive Vice-President, Canny Tech