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Cosmian is the leading encryption platform to help cloud-native, data-driven applications to scale privacy-by-default. Cosmian API-based platform leverages the most advanced cryptographic technologies, to protect sensitive data and confidential algorithms at execution in the cloud. Without ever exposing data and computations to third parties.

Cosmian's products secure data access and secure computation for digital processes in a zero trust environment - where the cloud infrastructures they rely on shall not be in a position to access sensitive data & confidential computations they carry out.

"The technology partnership between Denodo and Cosmian brings a unique, plug&play platform integration. Enterprise customers can now easily activate a real-time solution to protect & control their sensitive data sharing with state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies and Denodo's advanced tag-based policies." Sandrine Murcia, CEO & Co-Founder, Cosmian

    Business Sales ReadyTrained to position Denodo using sales playbooks, solution-building strategies, and toolkits supported by real-world use cases.
    Technical Sales ReadyCertified to present, compare, and recommend data virtualization powered by Denodo for logical and physical data architectures.
    Product ReadyAccomplished in the concepts for designing, developing, and deploying the Denodo Platform.
    Demo ReadyAdept in performing quick data virtualization capability overviews, competitive comparisons, and customized solution demonstrations on the Denodo Platform.
    PoC ReadyValidated by Denodo in the best practices and methodologies to deliver comprehensive pilots or PoCs of the Denodo Platform.
    Implementation ReadyExpert in the implementation of Denodo use cases with Denodo oversight and advisory support.

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