EasyMorph is an advanced ETL/API automation platform known for its ease of use and innovative approach to data transformation. Thanks to EasyMorph's state-of-the-art in-memory engine and a bit of black magic, you can instantly (i.e., without recalculation) see, profile, and analyze the full output (even if it's millions of rows) of any transformation step (even if it's hundreds of steps). Such an ultimate insight into data and workflow logic drastically simplifies workflow design and helps detect data quality issues early. With the help of more than 150 built-in actions and dozens of integrations with enterprise systems and applications, you can design complex ETL/API workflows with loops, subroutines, conditional branching, parameters, exceptions, error handling, mutexes and even a built-in key-value store. EasyMorph fully supports Denodo out of the box. Non-technical users can use the visual query editor in EasyMorph to make complex queries against Denodo even without knowing SQL, and transform data on the fly.