Insight Technology

Insight Technology, since its founding in 1995, has been constantly thinking about how to maximize the value of data across enterprises and has continued to provide the necessary products and services with our team of database experts. We believe that only the ""insights"" derived from the data will help bring value to customers' business. We provide a variety of solutions, including but not limited to softwares and services for database security, data masking, data integration, disaster recovery and database virtualization. We also developed our own AI engine to help our customers leverage data and gain true value from their business. We aim to create a new and affluent society by using ""Insight"" extracting from ""DATA × AI"". In addition, Insight Technology is also the organizer of ""db tech showcase"", one of the biggest data technology conferences in Japan. Data experts from around the world take this stage to give lectures and over 1,000 IT engineers participate in this event each year.

Please check Denodo's landing page on Insight Technology's site.