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Kadenza helps you put data in the beating heart of your organization, both technical and organizational. With more than 100 professionals we help organizations with the implementation of self service analytics, data governance, smart finance and their (big) data architecture.

Partner Testimonial

“Through our partnership with Denodo we are fortifying Kadenza’s vision that data should be leading in an organization. Denodo’s platform offers the best options for this.”
Jeroen Blankendaal, CEO, Kadenza.


Podcast: Interview with Kadenza (live from Virtual Summit 2017)

Understand use cases and benefits that Kadenza customers are realizing with data virtualization.

Solution Brief: Data Virtualization for Survival in Today's Market

Customers have more information and options at their disposal than ever before. Data volumes are growing exponentially, and it is becoming increasingly important to capture unstructured information from social media sites and other internet resources. Kadenza and Denodo have joined forces to offer companies a solution based on data virtualization. Read the brief to learn about the next step in implementing a Denodo-Kadenza Joint Solution for your enterprise.

Webinar: Data Virtualization & Modern Data Management

This webinar presents the value add of modern data management by leveraging the logical data warehouse.

Press Release: Kadenza Announces Strategic Partnership with Denodo and Launches Logical Data Warehouse Solution 

Using the Denodo Platform as the core solution, Kadenza offers a logical data warehouse solution, which will enable its customers to efficiently provide deeper insights across all enterprise data sources while flexibly reacting to changes.