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NS Solutions

NS Solutions deploys IT to raise its clients’ business value. We build systems to solve business challenges and help those on the operational side make the most of them. We adapt swiftly to changes in the environment, constantly evolving our systems to deliver the best across the system lifecycle. We work day in, day out, alongside our clients to solve their problems. IT involves a whole range of components and implementation tools, and our job is to pick and integrate the best mix to get the job done for you.


Top 10 frequently asked questions for data virtualization (Japanese)

This document explains the most typical questions that anyone needs to know about Data Virtualization, and describes the Denodo Platform Architecture, its benefits and the main use cases.

Denodo Express Data Sheet  (Japanese)

Denodo Express is based on the Denodo Platform for data virtualization. It has been re-packaged for data professionals looking for a free solution that allows them to build their data integration projects. This datasheet includes everything you need to know about Denodo Express. It specifies the essential features, such as easy installation, intuitive development, security, governance, all built-in connectivity and data services, along with technologies to increase performance.

Denodo platform 6.0 (Japanese)

Denodo Platform 6.0 delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouses and operational scenarios with the Dynamic Query Optimizer. The Denodo Platform 6.0 now accelerates data virtualization adoption with cloud support, which enables business users to leverage self-service data discovery and exploration.

Denodo platform 5.5 (Japanese)

Denodo Platform 5.5 is in direct response to the industry’s need to deal with a number of challenges including more data types, ubiquitous data, bigger data volumes, data and metadata discovery, and delivering more agility and value than traditional technologies. This datasheet explains the key benefits, features and capabilities on Denodo Platform 5.5.

Using data virtualization to leverage distributed enterprise and web data in manufacturing, retail and services

The value of data virtualization in these industries is illustrated through 3 use cases covering agile business intelligence, competitive intelligence and marketing analytics using web automation, and finally operational use to enrich CRM with unified customer information.

Data Virtualization Usage Patterns for Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Architectures (Japanese)

Today’s users demand reports with better business insights, more information sources, real-time data, more self-service and want these delivered more quickly, making it hard for the BI professionals to meet such expectations. This white paper outlines how the use of data virtualization can help BI professionals to accomplish these goals.